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New Release – Wind In The Willows

Image for Wind in the WillowsFollowing its huge success throughout Spring 2017 “THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS” is available for release! With 12 months in the making, and extensive rewrites and tweaking this script now stands proud as a tried-and-tested formula with a balance of drama, adventure and comedy! Performed as a feel-good family adventure Spring show with plenty of audience participation; this could easily be a mid-year production or a brand new pantomime title for your audience.

With an original line-up of: Comedy and Pantomime legend BILLY PEARCE as Mr Toad, Children’s Television Star JADE NATALIE as the Enchantress of the Willows, the UK’s No.1 Pantomime Villain STEVE ARNOTT as the Weasel alongside upcoming comic & writer REECE SIBBALD as Ratty, this script has been carefully stitched together and reworked for release.

Boasting a wealth of incredible characters, ample oppotunities for spectacle and comedy for all generations; this really does have something for everybody.

Characters include:
MR TOAD – A laugh a minute ludicrous leap-frog
THE WEASEL QUEEN – Vicious, mean and nasty to the core
MOLE – Timid, vulnerable and very whingey
RATTY – A quick-witted quirk. A sucker for conformity
BADGER – The wisest ex-militarian in the land
MRS OTTER – The Dame: Mr Toad’s chamber-maid
KNAWBONE – A dumb-witted servant to the Weasel Queen
KNASHFANG – An even dumber-witted servant to the Weasel Queen

Plus plenty of opportunity for ENSEMBLE as Woodland Creatures, Wicked Weasels & Stoats and Magical Spirits of the Willows

For more information on obtaining the rights, visit:

Note: Photograph from a previous production

Book Review – New Monologues For Women

New Monologues For Women features a rich selection of monologues from plays published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama over recent years. The speeches have been selected for their suitability and relevance to actors hunting for original, fresh audition material and students auditioning for drama school.

Offering a range of high-quality material, bursting with dramatic potential and suitable for a wide range of ages and characters, this volume offers fresh alternatives to the standard audition fare. Continue Reading

Front cover for monos for men

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