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If there is a matinee or more start and finish dates, then please add this information in the add other date and times box below

Please enter any other dates and/or times of your event, ie matinees or second weeks. Please esure you add the start date, finish date and time for everything. If you don't, I will need to contact you and this will delay the notice appearing on the amdram.co.uk website

If a production, audition or part/s available then this is the play title

Where is your event happening?

If you're not sure, use Wiki for your city or town

Add any other information you can about this event. If a production, then a synopsis of the play is useful. Also include any contact details, but remember that these will be published on the website

This can be the group website and or the venue website

I need a contact address, in case I need further information. This will not be made public or passed on to anyone else.

Would you like to add an image to your post? If so, please indicate here and send the image as a JPG only to jane [at] amdram [dot] co [dot] uk

You will be sent an email from freelists.org who manage my mailing list. This gives you the opportunity to subscribe or not. You can unsubscribe or resubscribe at any point by visiting https://www.freelists.org/list/amdram.co.uk

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