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Auditions – Visitors

image for VisitorsMy name is Spencer Simmons and I am directing a play for the Wanstead Players in November at the Kenneth More studio , Ilford

It is only a four hander but I have tried everywhere to get a man of 40ish and hope someone might be available

The details are as follows:

Actor in his 40s or someone who can age up or down. Light Wiltshire burr required. Sizeable part.
Play: Visitors by Barney Norris
Dates: 16-18 November
Venue: Kenneth More Theatre studio- Ilford
Rehearsals: Monday and Wednesday evenings 8-10 – Woodford. Starting mid August or soon as possible thereafter . AS IT IS A SMALL CAST REHEARSALS CAN BE FLEXIBLE
Contact details: Spencer Simmons – e-mail NOTSPENCERSIMMONS [at] GMAIL [dot] COM

It is about an older couple of about 70 who run a farm in North Wiltshire and the wife has dementia and is deteriorating

The uncast part of the son has a poor relationship with his parents and would like them out. He is also getting divorced from his wife and has 2 kids. During the play he tries to chat up the young woman. who comes to help out in the house and live there.
The Telegraph description of the role – nerdy, insensitive son whose own unhappiness becomes ever clearer as the play progresses. It is typical of this work’s generosity of spirit that a character who initially seems merely crass and grasping finally earns our sympathy too.

The play was put on at the Bush theatre in 2014 and received excellent reviews

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