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Auditions – Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington – By Peter Denyer
Show dates: December 12 – 16 including a Saturday matinee

  • Audition dates – all held at the Nomad Theatre, Bishopsmead Parade, East Horsley, Surrey KT24 6RT
    Sunday 11 June – 2pm / 7pm – please book a slot
    Monday 12 June – 7:30pm – please book a slot
    Sunday 18 June – 7pm – open auditions
    Monday 19 June – 7:30pm – open auditions

We need dancers / singers / actors – small parts and principals, as well as a Musical Director.
Get in touch with Artistic Director, Andrew Hamel-Cooke now to express your interest – and2hc [at] gmail [dot] com or sign up on our Facebook event –

Rehearsals are usually 1 evening per week (to be determined by majority vote & availability) and Sunday afternoon/evenings. Likely to run from mid-September, with additional hours near to opening.

Cast list:-


  • King /Queen Rat – M/F – an imposing presence, requiring a strong actor, can be played “straight” baddie!
  • Dick Whittington – principal boy/girl – must have charm, talent and energy, starting sweetly and ending with hero status!
  • Idle Jack – the comedy part, age not important, this role employs crooked logic and story-telling capabilities as well as being comfortable engaging directly with the audience.
  • Sarah the Cook – Dame (ideally) – a great all-rounder who can act, sing, dance and be a comedian. A big, bright, bold character!
  • Alice Fitzwarren – principal girl – a good actress, this role is a quick-witted and street-wise London girl with a sense of adventure.
  • Fairy Bow Bells – like a kind of fairy godmother, ideally a strong singing voice.
  • Tommy the cat – non speaking – this actor/actress should be able to be understood by the audience by only meowing! Central to the whole story, must have a strong friendship rapport with Dick.
  • Alderman Fitzwarren – a warm an generous man with Alice as his daughter, must be strong enough to weight the dramatic scenes well.
  • Captain Cuttle – should be a strong singer with a good sense of comic timing to ensure he can carry the show in certain moments.
  • The Sultan of Morocco – not a large part but nicely showy-offy, the performance should be big and bold and the actor shouldn’t be afraid of an outrageous accept. Subtlety not required here!

Smaller roles

  • Gnawbone – a rat lieutenant & Gnashfang – another rat lieutenant – villains with two short scenes, could be male or female. Distinct rat movements and ensuring the audience hate them is important!
  • King Neptune – optional – to be played seriously, a mysterious character.
  • Sailor 1 & Sailor 2 – well, they are sailors, any age, male/female!

Musical Director – in the past we’ve been lucky to have some great MD’s. Usually they also play keys and can direct a bass/rhythm and drummer… but if you’re a drummer who can work with a guitarist, or have other ideas about set-up, please let us know!

For more info –

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