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Auditions – Absurd Person Singular

The cast for our production of Absurd Person Singular by Alan Ayckbourn is almost complete, but we are still looking for a man to play the part of Geoffrey. An architect by trade, a confident man in his 40s and something of a Jack-the-Lad, he has many casual affairs and could be said to flaunt it. His indifference towards his wife Eva may have led to her addiction to anti-depressants. By the third act, he is an utterly broken man: his confidence and charisma have been dashed by his career grinding to a halt.

We will be holding further auditions for this role on Monday 14th August at 8pm. If you are interested please email david [at] ruislipdramatic [dot] org ASAP.

The rehearsals for the show will be taking place on Monday & Thursday evenings at South Ruislip Methodist Church Hall, Queens Walk, South Ruislip, HA4 0NL.

Performances 15-18 November at the Compass Theatre, Ickenham.

An introduction to the play
Three Christmases, three kitchens and three wildly incompatible couples provide the ingredients for this hilarious slice of festive cheer from Alan Ayckbourn. Absurd Person Singular peeps behind the kitchen door at three Christmas parties revealing hysterical happenings but also the changing fortunes of its party hosts.

There’s the ‘lower class’ but very much up and coming Hopcrofts in their bright new, gadget filled kitchen, keen to impress with a little party for their bank manager and his wife and an architect neighbour. Then there’s the architect himself and his wife in their neglected, untidy flat with a somewhat wild and aggressive dog! Lastly there’s the bank manager and his wife in their freezing cold, large and slightly modernised, old Victorian style kitchen.

Chaos reigns as social climbing turns into domestic disaster in this agonisingly funny Christmas comedy.

Absurd Person Singular won the Evening Standard award for Best Comedy when it was first performed and is now seen as an Ayckbourn classic.


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